Biggs Chess Team wins trophies at two tournaments
In the last two tournaments held by the Sacramento Valley Scholastic Chess League, Biggs has won two team trophies.  The first win came in last month’s first league tournament held at Neal Dow Elementary on September 20th.  Biggs came home with a 1st place win.  
The team then went on to Franklin Elementary on October 18th and brought home the 2nd place trophy.  A total of 184 students from 15 surrounding area schools competed with Biggs, which fielded a team of 38 chess players.  Part of this team is comprised of 3rd graders who have just this year learned to play chess.
Biggs also has a long history of bringing more girls to chess tournaments than most other teams.  Recent research on brain development supports the playing of chess in the classroom for all children even at the preschool level.  This is a very academic exercise for the brain.
Parents may have to continually tell their kids to sit down and do their homework or read a book, or shut that video game off, but with chess they’ll socialize, learn good sportsmanship, be on a team where they won’t get hurt, and develop that brain!  Oh!  And the kids just think it is fun!   
Past director and creator of the Sacramento Valley Scholastic Chess League, Bill Bynum, teaches chess as an after school elective at Biggs Elementary School.  He not only imparts his chess knowledge, but also his passion for the game of chess.
Also, supporting the chess program at Biggs is Robin Swanson, who is affiliated with the Kids.Com Program; Doug Kaelin, Superintendent of BUSD; and LaQuita Ulrich, our elementary school principal. 
Members of the chess team are as follows: Collin Beck, McKinley Adams, Onna Carothers, Anna Carothers, Cashten Acosta, Ben Andres, Luke Andres, Ammon Arellano, John Paul Bowers, Guillermo Gomez, Thomas Bowers, Emma Bowles, Xavier Caro, Russell Cote, Sean Dunham, Gwen Freer, Garrett Francis, Caden Garcia, Manuel Gomez, Shaory Gonzalez Rangel, Destinee Hairston, Logan Harrison, Fenix Headley, David Ibarra, Emmy Ibarra, Omar Ibarra, Logan Thompson, Mason Kaelin, Brian Lafeyette, Brian Leyva, David Leyva, Berlin Martin, Logan Williams, Brayden Martin, Matt Martin, Case Moffitt, Josy Navarro, Orlando Padilla, Tyler Parker, Albert Ramos, Sydney Sizelove, Xandra Stewart-Wall, Essence Vastine, Lila Velasquez, Natalie Villalobos, Noah Welden, and Wyatt Whetstone. 

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